Pogo Photo Archives – Part 1

Basically the entire time i’ve been pogoing I’ve been taking photos and documenting my experience. Every once in a while I will dig through my archives and pull out some highlights and bring them new life. Here’s part of a multi-part series with ten photos throughout the last fifteen or so years. Keep an eye out for part 2 coming soon!

Tone Staubs – San Diego, California (2016)
We climbed up to the to the top of this seaside cliff for a photo sesh after a day of exploring.

Earl Pote – Sarasota, Florida (2010)
One of my earlier photos, Earl jumping a classic roof gap at Sarasota High School.

Haley Greer – Northampton, Pennsylvania (2016)
The late Haley Greer stomping out her first backflip.

Harry White – London, Ontario, Canada (2016)
Harry throwing a huge superman during a good old turf sesh.

Biff Hutchison – Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (2014)
Still one of my favorite photos, i’m glad I caught this. This child saw us at the skatepark earlier in the week and showed back up with his own pogo stick!

Nick Ryan – Bradenton, Florida (2015)
Messing with an old Fisheye lens while Nick pops up from a peg tap.

Nick McClintock – Jersey City, New Jersey (2016)
McClintock jumping during the El Pogo Loco Jersey City Street Jam. Lots of jumpers watching!

Nick Ryan – Bradenton, Florida (2015)
Up-close shot of Nick jumping around on my Vurtego.

Bryan Pognant – Los Angeles, California (2016)
Bryan doing a leg wrap with the City of Angels in the background.

Henry Cabelus – New Hope, Pennsylvania (2015)
One of my best, in my opinion. Henry on the hill. The “unedited” version of our website background image, only color corrected.

Keep your eyes peeled for part 2 later on!