“The Ecstatic Boink” PogoPalooza 2021 Film Festival

PogoPalooza 2021 kicked off with a film festival hosted by Dalton Smith, and in case you missed it, here is a breakdown of all the videos featured!

Drew McQuiston’s “Making Music (and PIZZA!) with my Pogo Stick”

Will Wiener’s “You Only Like Me For My Bail Clips”

Dalton Smith’s “FLOWS LIKE JELLY”

Pogo Duo 4

Andrew Bigg’s “Big Rig N’ The Year 2021”

Russ Kaus’ “The Adventures of DangeRuss: The Movie!”

Duncan Murray’s “Definition of Energy”

Ryan Meyer’s “Hot Sauce Finger”

Tone Staubs’ “Smile”

Xpogo Burlington, VT Summer ’21

Videos that were shown but are not yet uploaded to YouTube (they will be added to this page as well as the playlist when made available):

Bryan Pognant’s “Bada Bing”

Wacky Chad’s Pogo Dudes History

All available videos from the Film Festival were also uploaded to a playlist on our Youtube channel, view that here:

Pogopalooza 2020 Livestream Coverage!

We’re happy to have our very own Fred Gryzbowski on site at Pogopalooza 2020, and he is live streaming it on our AllPogo channels! We’re happy to feature the entire Freestyle Finals and Best Trick. Check them out below!

Freestyle Finals

Playlist: Pogopalooza 2020 Freestyle Finals

Best Trick

Playlist: Pogopalooza 2020 Best Trick

Community Highlight: Tone Staubs #PogoAllMay Web Edit 2020

In an effort to keep new content flowing and help spread the community videos that keep this sport going, we are going to start featuring new edits from members of our community. To kick it off, none other than Tone Staubs. Tone has been changing the game a lot over the years, but this has never been more prevalent. For the month of May, or #PogoAllMay, Tone went out and filmed like crazy, and he put together this insane new web edit with all of the footage. Tone is inventing new grinds and stringing together crazy grind-street lines, and still throwing some insane big air tricks. Check it out!