We are beyond thrilled to announce that the hand-crafted and pogoer-designed REAPER Pogo Sticks are now available for sale, right here on our store. The REAPER is the strongest steel spring pogo stick ever created, and it was designed and manufactured by tech pogo legend and AllPogo co-owner Earl Pote, with help from fellow pogo legends Fred Grzybowski & Ryan O’Malley. The majority of the stick itself is a lightweight and durable aluminum, and incorporates replaceable grind plates and peg stall plates into the pegs, and the upper pass has been designed out of a strong and tested nylon. Perhaps one of the most awesome parts, the spring was uniquely designed for this exact pogo stick and no other reason.

Along with the launch of the REAPER stick, we are also launching a few other related products, such as the REAPER Tool Kit, which will include all of the tools needed for general maintenance, and our awesome REAPER Grind Wax for slipping along those ledges.

Last but not least, we recently expanded our store’s capabilities, and we are now able to accept AfterPay, Affirm, and Klarna – Buy Now, Pay Later options. -> (Read More) ->

Signature Series GG / Signature Series Pogo Sticks – Now available in our shop!

Earl Pote Signature Series Pogo Sticks are now live and in stock on our website! We even have super limited stock of GG Signature Series Pogo Sticks, the stick that started it all, beefed up with all the latest modifications. Check out the video below to see the stick in action, and catch more info after the jump.

“Earl Pote 2018,” a video that showcases what is possible on the Signature Series.

The Gravity Games (GG) is an iconic pogo stick from the golden years of the sport. With “extreme pogo” being established in 1999, the GG was the first pogo stick ever built for “extreme” use in 2001 by SBI Enterprises (now known as Flybar). It ended production in 2002, which makes it a rare collectible to come by. The Signature Series GG is a beefed up original GG that has all of the same modifications of the regular Signature Series, But with all original GG parts (minus the pegs which were prone to flexing and wearing out over time). -> (Read More) ->