Interview with Marc Matson- Inventor of the Motostik 

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Nick McClintock ULBS at the first Motostik photo shoot- circa 2004

The Motostik is a historic pogo stick that emerged in 2004, the same year as the Flybar 1200, and was used primarily by many riders in the mid 2000’s. The Flybar 1200 was the very first “Big Air” pogo stick that was released into the market, and the Motostik was almost like a hybrid between a Tech stick and a Big Air stick. A lot of pogoers then were obviously still used to jumping on spring pogo sticks, so the Motostik was a great transition stick into Big Air. We at AllPogo happened to snag an interview with Marc Matson, the mastermind behind the Motostik – a pogo stick that helped propel not only some of the greats of pogo forward, but the sport itself.

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What is your history with motocross as far as racing, freestyle, etc.


I started racing motocross around 1980… and I still am. I never was really good, but I always brought two pretty girls with me, so I ended up hanging out with a couple brand-name moto guys. -> (Read More) ->

Background Check: Dan Mahoney

We recently had a chat with the legendary Daniel Mahoney, pro pogoer and tea expert. Check out the article below to learn more about Dan’s history in the sport, his life as a tea connoisseur, and more.

Dan Mahoney vaulting over a rail.

AllPogo: Hey Dan, thanks for doing this interview. What year did you start pogoing, and how old were you?

Dan: I often say I started in 2006 when I was 12, but that’s not exactly true. When I was 8 or 9, my sister got a pogo stick for her birthday. They were sold out of the “moon shoes” she had asked for, and I guess a pogo made sense as “the next best thing.” The Tony Hawk video games were big at the time, so obviously we wanted to up the game once just jumping up and down got too easy. I followed my older brother’s example as he tried all kinds of weird stuff. Really, I just wanted to be included and so I jumped a lot with my brother for a couple weeks until he got bored. -> (Read More) ->

Background Check: Russ Kaus

Russ Kaus is a powerhouse of a pogoer that emerged in the scene in the late 2000’s, and has been pushing the sport ever since. Russ is well known for his “Go Big” attitude and riding style, and has recently landed one of the biggest tricks in the history of pogo at Pogopalooza 2020: the Double Stickflip. Check out our interview with Russ below, and make sure to watch Russ’s edit he put together of the history of the Stickflip, located at the bottom of the article!

AllPogo: What year did you start pogoing, and how old were you?

Russ: I started bouncing when I was 13 or 14 around 2007, but I just learned how to bounce. I tried 180 barspin and twisted my ankle so I assumed it was impossible. I knew nothing of Xpogo or any other riders.

AllPogo: How did you discover the sport?

Russ: I saw a news thing on CNN of Brian Spencer cruising around LA on a Vurtego. I thought it was the coolest thing ever and since I just learned how to bounce it was perfect timing. -> (Read More) ->

Ryan O’Malley Interview

Today we share part two of our interview seriews with our AllPogo staff. Check out the interview with AllPogo creator Ryan O’Malley below!

Earl: What year did you start pogoing, and how old were you?

Ryan: I started in the summer before my freshman year of High School, so that would be 2006 I believe, making me right around 15 years old. If my math is correct.

Earl: How did you discover the sport?

Ryan: My pogoing history is an interesting one. My first memories were hanging out with Nick Ryan at his parent’s house, which was right across the road from my grandparent’s house, where I spent a lot of my childhood. Nick had a Pogo-Roo, the pogo stick with the built-in counter. We used it often, and even thought, like many, that we created a new sport. We “invented” a dozen or so tricks, but the only one I remember was the drummer boy, which was no handed bouncing while drumming on the frame. Very creative! I even remember my first real bail. I tried to jump the entire length of one square of Nick’s driveway. -> (Read More) ->

Earl Pote Interview

Today we’re kicking off a multi-part interview series, with none other than the two guys working behind the scenes here at AllPogo interviewing each other. First off, i’ll be interviewing a man who plays a lot of different roles in the world of pogoing. He’s a tech pogoing champion, a pogo modding mastermind, a general pogo historian, and one of the most innovative riders our sport has seen. Check out my interview with the legendary Earl Pote below!

Of course, we have to start with the basics.

Ryan: What year did you start pogoing, and how old were you?

     Earl: I started pogoing in 2002, I was 12 years old.

Ryan: How did you discover the sport?

    Earl: Bryan Pognant and I were childhood friends, we went to a carnival together when we very young with his mom. We saw an abandoned bottom spring pogo leaning up against the fence of a ferris wheel and devised a plan to steal it. Once we had it, we tried screwing around with tricks we thought we made up. -> (Read More) ->