Pogo Fun and Information

Pogo Chat – Facebook

An active Facebook group for Pogo enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome!

Xpogo – Extreme Pogo Entertainment

The home for extreme pogo entertainment. Offering great photos and videos, official Guinness World Records, and live events.

El Pogo Loco

A collection of pogoer art and good times.

Mile High Pogo Supply

Started by offering third-party parts and stick wraps, but quickly evolved into the craziest pogo team around.

Pogo History Channel

A channel dedicated to spreading knowledge of the history of the sport via an archive of old videos.

Pogo Companies

Vurtego Pogo Sticks

The leading brand of Pogo Stick in the sport, the air-powered Vurtego.


Manufactuers of the spring-powered SP and the Flybar 1000, as well as kid’s sized sticks and other toys.


Europe’s exclusive air-powered pogo stick brand.

Friends of

Dave Armstrong – Damselfly Graphics

Dave Armstrong, the creator of the Original, often attributed with creating the whole sport of Pogoing back in 1999. He also designed our first official logo, the “AP Icon”.

Asobu Bottles

Premium quality Water Bottles, Travel Mugs, and more!