Dedicated to the growth and development of Pogo Sticking.

AllPogo is a team of some of the most influential and passionate pogoers in the sport, and we all have the same goal in mind: To give the sport a home that it deserves. AllPogo is designed to be a place a beginner up to a pro can go to learn everything they need to know about pogo sticking, and more. From the largest pogo trick list in existence to informative monthly articles, AllPogo is sure to have something to spark your interest!

Meet The AllPogo Admins.

Ryan O’Malley

Stepping into the pogo scene in 2005, Ryan and his crew, Team Hyper Pogo, were a driving force behind building the sport during the introduction of big air pogo sticks in the mid 2000’s. Living in Bradenton, Florida, Ryan was able to pogo year round and perfect his signature style and help progress the sport to what it is today. Ryan is well known for his Technical Big Air style and TV appearances, and was the first person interviewed by Rob Dyrdek on Ridiculousness Season 1 Episode 1. Ryan remains an influential rider to this day, and still performs some of the most difficult Tech-Air tricks in the game.

Earl Pote

Earl Pote first started jumping in 2002, just as the sport started gaining traction, and he has been evolving along with it ever since. Earl has been inventing tricks and perfecting all styles since day 1, even through some of the toughest Illinois winters. Earl is universally known as the best tech / flat athlete in the sport, and he has cemented that with multiple first-place tech medals at Pogopalooza. Earl was a founding member of one of the original pogo teams, The Pogo Cult, and he was the first to start modifying smaller sticks to handle the abuse of extreme riding. Earl still leads the way in that area, by modifying Super Pogo sticks with his own original modifications to create the Signature Series pogo sticks, which are available for sale in our store. Earl is by far one of the most longest-lasting and enduring pogoers, and he plans to continue playing his part in spreading the word of the sport through AllPogo.

Fred Grzybowski

Fred is one of the original founders of this entire sport and a member of the original Team Xpogo, beginning his pogo journey in 2000. Fred is, without a doubt, one of THE MOST influential pogoers in this entire sport, and he continues to kill it still to this day. Fred has taken on a role here at AllPogo with one goal in mind: To spread the word of the sport and the keep the community pumped. He is in charge of our “Inside Pogo” series, and brings a bunch of great video content, as well as a lot more.

With Help From:

Sean O’Malley

Sean O’Malley is Ryan O’Malley’s younger brother, and he has a very colorful history with pogoing. He joined the sport early on, but suffered a broken leg which led to complications. After stepping off the stick, he became a very powerful force behind the camera as well as helping juggle the nightmare that is the logistical end of AllPogo.

Michael Brookhart

Michael Brookhart is a staple in the pogo community, with wise advice and endless creativity. Brookhart has joined Xpogo on The Pogo Adventure and is a beast on both big air sticks and tech sticks. He joined our team recently, and we are excited to have him aboard!

Nick McClintock

Nick is known as the godfather of the sport, and he has been around since the beginning. Nick is a multi-media mastermind, and the driving force behind almost every big pogo video. He continues to propel the sport forward every day.