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The Reaper is the very first pogo stick designed by pogoers, and is the highest performing/strongest steel spring pogo stick ever created. Earl Pote engineered, fabricated, welded, and built every aspect of this stick with the sport in mind and all it has to offer.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame with cushioned tennis grip
  • Incredibly strong and lightweight reinforced aluminum shaft with thick aluminum spring compressor and bronze reinforced bolt hole
  • The highest performing pogo stick spring ever created, designed through countless hours of research and prototypes by Earl. The spring starts out being made out of the best material possible for this application, and then undergoes two separate heat treatments as well as being “Shot Peened,” an extra process that not only adds strength to the spring but also reduces stress to prolong its life
  • The strongest pogo stick pegs ever made, fabricated and welded entirely out of structural aluminum (NOT cast!), ultra high quality UHMW bushing and finished with grip tape
  • Nylon upper pass designed and 3D printed by pogo legend Fred Grzybowski
  • Replaceable aluminum peg stall plate to eliminate damage to pegs from big peg stalls and can also be used to grind rails
  • Replaceable slick and tough HDPE grind plate to not only eliminate damage to pegs from grinding but also reduce friction when grinding concrete structures
  • High quality heavy duty hardware all around
  • Rubber shock absorber to reduce impact when bottoming out

Note: Reapers are manufactured by hand, one at a time. As such, small variations and minor flaws should be expected, but will not affect ride quality.

Recommended weight 130-240 lbs

Recommended sizes:

Medium: 5’5 – 5’11

Large: 6’+  




NOTE: REAPER Pogo Sticks will start shipping in early December, or approximately one to two weeks. Please keep this in mind if you order on launch day.



Shipping Disclaimer:

This product is currently only shipping to the United States, and MUST be ordered with the “Flat Rate Shipping (Pogo Stick)” option. Our flat rate shipping for these sticks costs $65.


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