“SLUGXURY – The Manifesto” by Aidan Gabriel


The Manifesto

Pogo stick propaganda written by Aidan Gabriel
With editing assistance from Duncan H.

It has been three months since I released my debut trick pogo video, SLUGXURY. Within our pogo community it is not common for people to write manifestos explaining their cinematic creations. However, there is a deeper sentiment I have tried to convey with this project. I have since discovered that a pogo stick video is perhaps an inefficient way to articulate a revolutionary potential. In an effort to rescue the point from obscurity, here I am writing yet another manifesto. 

The opinions contained in these pages are my own. It is undeniable that I have been inspired by books n’shit. I just don’t want to imply that these opinions are shared by other members of the extreme pogo sticking community, my friends at Allpogo or Reaper Pogo, or by my friend Earl who is featured prominently in the SLUGXURY film. I am also not speaking on behalf of the Edgewater Mutual Aid Network Creative Collective.  -> (Read More) ->

“SLUGXURY – A Pogo Stick Film by Aidan Gabriel” OUT NOW!

Presenting Aidan Gabriel (@pogoaidan) in his first solo edit for Reaper and AllPogo.

Filmed and edited over the course of fall 2023.

If you liked the video and would like to show your support, please consider making a contribution to Edgewater Mutual Aid Network

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“SLUGXURY” premiering this Friday, November 24th at 7PM CST!

You guys are in for a real treat. Perhaps the most stylish pogoer in the scene, Aidan Gabriel (@pogoaidan) is releasing his first ever pogo video.

Catch the premiere “SLUGXURY – A Pogo Stick Film by Aidan Gabriel” this Friday, November 24th at 7PM CST.

Featuring tons of huge tricks on old and new sticks, including the all new handcrafted REAPER Pogo Stick, the top-of-the-line tech pogo stick. This is one video you won’t want to miss!

Earl Pote: Satori

Earl returns from a 5 year filming hiatus to bring his most recent flatland tech edit since the release of Blue Lips (2011).

When Earl Pote told me he was out filming his new video, I knew we were all in for a treat. I’ve been partners with Earl in this whole “AllPogo” thing for years now, and great friends for much longer. I knew his insane tech style was ready to be shown off to the world once again, and by golly, Earl did it. I was granted extra special access to a lot of these clips as he filmed them, and I have been getting more and more hyped by the day.

On the night that Earl finished filming and editing, I drove over to Nick Ryan’s (Not The Cube) house and we fired up his TV and a few other things, and sat down for our own little viewing party. By the end, both of us were speechless and the TV speakers were blown – A perfect fit for a perfect video. -> (Read More) ->