Trick List

When we were first starting up AllPogo, we knew that one of the most important things to offer would be a full Trick List. No other pogo website has had a fully updated list in over TEN years. The sport has grown so much, and many new tricks have been landed since then. We wanted to make sure our community and new riders have every opportunity to learn about our sport, and one of the biggest aspects is the tricks. We hope this list will help inspire you to land every trick possible, and even create new ones for us to post here.

This list is current and updated, to the best of our knowledge. Some tricks may not have a link or a video yet, but we are always adding new pages and videos, and we are hard at work trying to keep the list up to date.

Jumping Styles

The basic styles and grips used in the sport.

Includes Bus Driver, Candybar, and more.

Big Air

All types of tricks done in mid-air. Contains multiple sub-categories.

Includes Under Leg Bar Spin, Peg Grab, and more.


Flips and Flip Dismount variations. Stay safe!

Includes Back Flip, Front Flip Dismount, and more.

Street / Stalls

Tricks to take to obstacles and around town.

Includes Peg Stall, Wall Plant, and more.


The oldest form of pogoing, Tech. Balance and dedicated required!

Includes Peg Tap, Leg Wrap, and more.