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“SLUGXURY – The Manifesto” by Aidan Gabriel


The Manifesto

Pogo stick propaganda written by Aidan Gabriel
With editing assistance from Duncan H.

It has been three months since I released my debut trick pogo video, SLUGXURY. Within our pogo community it is not common for people to write manifestos explaining their cinematic creations. However, there is a deeper sentiment I have tried to convey with this project. I have since discovered that a pogo stick video is perhaps an inefficient way to articulate a revolutionary potential. In an effort to rescue the point from obscurity, here I am writing yet another manifesto. 

The opinions contained in these pages are my own. It is undeniable that I have been inspired by books n’shit. I just don’t want to imply that these opinions are shared by other members of the extreme pogo sticking community, my friends at Allpogo or Reaper Pogo, or by my friend Earl who is featured prominently in the SLUGXURY film. I am also not speaking on behalf of the Edgewater Mutual Aid Network Creative Collective.  -> (Read More) ->

Updates in the world of Pogo

We’re back with another update on the state of AllPogo, Pogopalooza, and Pogoing in general. Let’s get into it.

Pogopalooza 2023 – Fred Grzybowski in blue, Duncan Murray in red, Chadd Dietz in orange.

AllPogo Updates:

  • AllPogo has been a bit slow on the social media channels after launching the REAPER and Aidan’s new video. The 2023 post-holiday season has wrapped up and we are kicking on the machine once again for another successful year of Pogo Sticking and community building.
  • We are unfortunately NOT going to be hosting our Winter Warm-Up event this year. We are going to try to bring it back next winter, but seeing as this winter is almost over, it makes more sense to dedicate our efforts towards Pogopalooza. It was a fun time the first time around, but I’m continually hoping to make it an event worth traveling to and I wasn’t confident in that this year, so we’ll see how it goes in the future.
  • Our Tricklist is back up and running! Grab a few new tricks today and you can have them mastered for #PogoAllMay later this year.
-> (Read More) ->

“SLUGXURY – A Pogo Stick Film by Aidan Gabriel” OUT NOW!

Presenting Aidan Gabriel (@pogoaidan) in his first solo edit for Reaper and AllPogo.

Filmed and edited over the course of fall 2023.

If you liked the video and would like to show your support, please consider making a contribution to Edgewater Mutual Aid Network

Check out the Reaper Pogo Stick, available for sale NOW!


We are beyond thrilled to announce that the hand-crafted and pogoer-designed REAPER Pogo Sticks are now available for sale, right here on our store. The REAPER is the strongest steel spring pogo stick ever created, and it was designed and manufactured by tech pogo legend and AllPogo co-owner Earl Pote, with help from fellow pogo legends Fred Grzybowski & Ryan O’Malley. The majority of the stick itself is a lightweight and durable aluminum, and incorporates replaceable grind plates and peg stall plates into the pegs, and the upper pass has been designed out of a strong and tested nylon. Perhaps one of the most awesome parts, the spring was uniquely designed for this exact pogo stick and no other reason.

Along with the launch of the REAPER stick, we are also launching a few other related products, such as the REAPER Tool Kit, which will include all of the tools needed for general maintenance, and our awesome REAPER Grind Wax for slipping along those ledges.

Last but not least, we recently expanded our store’s capabilities, and we are now able to accept AfterPay, Affirm, and Klarna – Buy Now, Pay Later options. -> (Read More) ->

“SLUGXURY” premiering this Friday, November 24th at 7PM CST!

You guys are in for a real treat. Perhaps the most stylish pogoer in the scene, Aidan Gabriel (@pogoaidan) is releasing his first ever pogo video.

Catch the premiere “SLUGXURY – A Pogo Stick Film by Aidan Gabriel” this Friday, November 24th at 7PM CST.

Featuring tons of huge tricks on old and new sticks, including the all new handcrafted REAPER Pogo Stick, the top-of-the-line tech pogo stick. This is one video you won’t want to miss!

Pogopalooza 2024 Dates Announced!

Once again, it’s time to start getting ready for the Pogopalooza action! We will be celebrating the 20th year anniversary of Pogopalooza, as well as the 25th anniversary of the sport of pogoing in general!

Can’t wait to see everyone in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
June 21st-23rd, 2024!

A Brief (& Late) Update

Michael Mena, Pogopalooza 2023 – Shot by Sean O’Malley

A lot has been going on in the pogo world lately, but most of it behind the scenes, and unfortunately some of it may not be good. With that said, we will sail on as always. I just wanted to give a quick update, since there has been a lot of talk and questions being asked to us here at AllPogo, to Vurtego, and to the community channels. I owe everyone a much longer update, and that will come, but life has been busy lately, I’m sure you all know how that goes.

Yes, as noted in our last article, the future of Tech Pogoing is in OUR hands alone here at AllPogo. We are continuing prototyping, testing, and building our REAPER tech stick. More info coming later, but signs are pointing good. As Earl puts it, “This thing is the first ever pogo stick in history designed and built entirely by pogoers purely for the love of the sport.”

Yes, Vurtego is currently going through some parts shortages, and that may potentially last for a little while. -> (Read More) ->

Flybar Ends Production of the Super Pogo

We have some unfortunate news to report today. We have confirmed that Flybar has ended production of the Super Pogo, essentially killing off the long-lasting staple of our sport. Although it has been branded differently with minor differences throughout the years, the same basic stick has been around since the beginning. At the beginning it started out as the Gravity Games Pogo Stick, which was the stick that started our whole sport for the most part. After a while, it was rebranded to the Super Pogo Stick, and made out of a slightly cheaper material, but still kept the same shape and was still used profusely. That was until AllPogo’s own Earl Pote started modifying the Super Pogo for his own Tech uses, and eventually started selling these upgraded models as the Signature Series Pogo Stick.

Gravity Games Pogo Stick (Left)
Super Pogo (Middle)
A One-Of-A-Kind Signature Series (Right)

At the time of writing this, we are currently in-between models, as Earl is winding down the Signature Series with the cancelation of the Super Pogo. Luckily, we have been hard at word fabricating our own replacement stick, the REAPER. -> (Read More) ->