A Brief (& Late) Update

Michael Mena, Pogopalooza 2023 – Shot by Sean O’Malley

A lot has been going on in the pogo world lately, but most of it behind the scenes, and unfortunately some of it may not be good. With that said, we will sail on as always. I just wanted to give a quick update, since there has been a lot of talk and questions being asked to us here at AllPogo, to Vurtego, and to the community channels. I owe everyone a much longer update, and that will come, but life has been busy lately, I’m sure you all know how that goes.

Yes, as noted in our last article, the future of Tech Pogoing is in OUR hands alone here at AllPogo. We are continuing prototyping, testing, and building our REAPER tech stick. More info coming later, but signs are pointing good. As Earl puts it, “This thing is the first ever pogo stick in history designed and built entirely by pogoers purely for the love of the sport.”

Yes, Vurtego is currently going through some parts shortages, and that may potentially last for a little while. -> (Read More) ->

Pogo Photo Archives – Part 2

Last week I posted the first part of a multi-part series with a peek into the pogo photography i’ve taken over the last fifteen years. As promised, here is part 2 with ten more photos!

Michael Mena – Sarasota, Florida (2014)
Mena throwing a huge Mandy with the ocean in the background.

Ryan O’Malley – Bradenton, Florida (2010)
Found this one on my camera from 12 years ago, not sure who shot it but I love a good Tuck Reverse photo.

Russ Kaus – Auckland, New Zealand (2017)
Russ, Dan Brown, and I took a trip to NZ for a gig. We had very little time to explore, but we found this old dormant volcano and adventured to the top.

Nick Ryan – Bradenton, Florida (2009)
I obviously didn’t take this photo seeing as I’m in it taking another photo, but I still had the original on my hard drive from whoever did. Nick Ryan with a huge tweak.

Biff Hutchison & Jake Gartland – Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
A little behind-the-scenes. Biff showing Jake a video clip during a sesh in Canada.
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Pogo Photo Archives – Part 1

Basically the entire time i’ve been pogoing I’ve been taking photos and documenting my experience. Every once in a while I will dig through my archives and pull out some highlights and bring them new life. Here’s part of a multi-part series with ten photos throughout the last fifteen or so years. Keep an eye out for part 2 coming soon!

Tone Staubs – San Diego, California (2016)
We climbed up to the to the top of this seaside cliff for a photo sesh after a day of exploring.

Earl Pote – Sarasota, Florida (2010)
One of my earlier photos, Earl jumping a classic roof gap at Sarasota High School.

Haley Greer – Northampton, Pennsylvania (2016)
The late Haley Greer stomping out her first backflip.

Harry White – London, Ontario, Canada (2016)
Harry throwing a huge superman during a good old turf sesh.

Biff Hutchison – Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada (2014)
Still one of my favorite photos, i’m glad I caught this. This child saw us at the skatepark earlier in the week and showed back up with his own pogo stick!
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Earl Pote Interview

Today we’re kicking off a multi-part interview series, with none other than the two guys working behind the scenes here at AllPogo interviewing each other. First off, i’ll be interviewing a man who plays a lot of different roles in the world of pogoing. He’s a tech pogoing champion, a pogo modding mastermind, a general pogo historian, and one of the most innovative riders our sport has seen. Check out my interview with the legendary Earl Pote below!

Of course, we have to start with the basics.

Ryan: What year did you start pogoing, and how old were you?

     Earl: I started pogoing in 2002, I was 12 years old.

Ryan: How did you discover the sport?

    Earl: Bryan Pognant and I were childhood friends, we went to a carnival together when we very young with his mom. We saw an abandoned bottom spring pogo leaning up against the fence of a ferris wheel and devised a plan to steal it. Once we had it, we tried screwing around with tricks we thought we made up. -> (Read More) ->

A Love For Pogoing, In All Of It’s Forms – Ryan O’Malley

Ryan O’Malley stepping back on the stick after a few months away.

I went out pogoing for the first time in a few months today. My wife and I had our first child in November, and then shortly after, the Covid-19 pandemic started taking full effect, so I haven’t had much free time aside from work. Luckily, my day job as a Land Surveyor is considered an essential job, so I still have income, but I haven’t had any time for my passion: Pogoing. To get back out and jump today felt so nice, even without crazy tricks and flips. Just the feeling of bouncing brought back the original joy that glued me to this sport in the first place. For ten minutes, in between loads of laundry drying, I was able to bring back feelings I had missed for a long time. It got me thinking about my history and the many different opportunities pogoing has given me. 

Sync Backflip Dismounts at one of my first ever pogo performances.

My first ever pogo gig was a set of parades in New York, which had been organized by Nick Ryan, who would go on to lead Xpogo through its massive growth. -> (Read More) ->

The Creation of AllPogo

Dedicated to the growth and development of Pogo Sticking – That’s our motto. Earl Pote came up with it a few months ago, & it immediately reminded me of the exact reason I started AllPogo in the first place. I wanted to build a place for all pogoers to go to learn and progress, while being entertained and enthralled. Regardless of skill level or what style they ride, I wanted everyone to fit in and feel at home. I wanted to give back to the community and the sport that has given me so much, the sport that I am so passionate about. I feel like we have finally done that here, with AllPogo.com. 

I started AllPogo as an instagram account simply known as “@extremepogo”. It built a small following over time, but it lacked any enthusiasm. After a while, I got fed up with it and abandoned the page, but I had a vision brewing for something so much better. I typed out a few ideas I had and decided I wanted to make them happen. -> (Read More) ->