Golden Grom Raffle – Extended one more week!

The recent website outage severely affected our ability to finish off part of our tribute to the late Haley Greer, the Golden Grom raffle, on the originally scheduled date. The good news is that we’re giving you all ONE MORE WEEK to get those raffle entries in.

Each entry costs $3, and can be bought though our web store, or by contacting us on Instagram.

Final entries will be accepted on Thursday, October 28th, at 11:59 PM (EST), and the winner will be announced the very next day, Friday, October 29th.

Now is your last chance. If you haven’t already gotten in on the chance to win this one-of-a-kind Golden NSG Flight, with all proceeds going to the Pogo Hayes Foundation , you have ONE WEEK to do so.

Again, we’ll accept entries any way you want to go. DM us on Instagram for Venmo, PayPal, or any other service if you don’t want to use our web store.

The Golden Grom Award: A Posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award for Haley Greer.

We at AllPogo are proud to announce a new project we’ve been working on, The Golden Grom Award: A Posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award for Haley Greer. We wanted to honor Haley’s legacy, and this seems like an acceptable way. We have partnered with NSG to create a one-of-a-kind Golden NSG Grom, which we are planning on donating to The Pogo Hayes Foundation, in hopes that it will help them keep Haley’s vision and legend alive through future generations – They are free to do with it as they please. In addition to the award, our partnership with NSG has given us the opportunity to host a public $3 raffle, with all profits also going to The Pogo Hayes Foundation. The raffle gives you a chance to win a one-of-a-kind Golden NSG Flight. We’ll get more to that later, but first, a quick word from AllPogo founder Ryan O’Malley.

Last year our sport tragically and suddenly lost one of it’s staple jumpers, Haley Greer. One of the very few female pogoers, and the only girl to ever land a backflip – Haley was known throughout the sport as one of the bravest riders out there.

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