Pogo Photo Archives – Part 2

Last week I posted the first part of a multi-part series with a peek into the pogo photography i’ve taken over the last fifteen years. As promised, here is part 2 with ten more photos!

Michael Mena – Sarasota, Florida (2014)
Mena throwing a huge Mandy with the ocean in the background.

Ryan O’Malley – Bradenton, Florida (2010)
Found this one on my camera from 12 years ago, not sure who shot it but I love a good Tuck Reverse photo.

Russ Kaus – Auckland, New Zealand (2017)
Russ, Dan Brown, and I took a trip to NZ for a gig. We had very little time to explore, but we found this old dormant volcano and adventured to the top.

Nick Ryan – Bradenton, Florida (2009)
I obviously didn’t take this photo seeing as I’m in it taking another photo, but I still had the original on my hard drive from whoever did. Nick Ryan with a huge tweak.

Biff Hutchison & Jake Gartland – Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
A little behind-the-scenes. Biff showing Jake a video clip during a sesh in Canada.

Taylor Blaylock – Bradenton, Florida (2010)
A blury night shot aesthetic for this one, definitely not on purpose but it looks pretty cool. Taylor throwing an ULBS.

Harry White – London, Ontario, Canada (2016)
Here’s Harry being Harry during a turf field sesh.

Michael Mena – Bradenton, Florida (2010)
Mena throwing one of the first buddha grabs that I can remember during a classic sesh in Nick Ryan’s driveway.

Nick McClintock – Bradenton, Florida (2011)
An audience was growing as we were pogoing at the soccer fields when McClintock and co. were in town. Color Corrected just for funsies.

Nic Patino – New Hope, Pennsylvania (2015)
Another shot from the same location as our website background image. Nic Patino throwing a Mcgryz on top of the hill while Henry Cabelus gets ready and Mark Aldridge takes his own photos in the foreground.

So there is part 2 of my photo series. No definite promises on part 3 but i’m sure I can pull something together, so we’ll see next Saturday!