Trick Classification: Under The What!?

How many pogo tricks can you name? Today there are so many tricks and variations that it’s hard to keep up. AllPogo has created the largest and still growing trick database with videos and explanations, all to help share the knowledge, which has been no easy task.  It wasn’t always this difficult though, it used to only take 3 letters. DUZ.

VIA – Xpogo 2004

Before the explosion of YouTube, a handful pogoers were creating their own tricks and names and sharing on “The Forums”. Uploading a decent quality video to the Internet was quite the task back then. You had to have your own server or know someone that could host the video for you. Not to mention there were no high quality affordable digital cameras, everything that was recorded back then was on tape and had to be manually captured onto the computer.  This made sharing raw videos or practice sessions super rare. To be able to discuss trick progressions and ideas the first trick classification was created – “The DUZ system”. Throughout this article I have included some gifs from 2004, in their original quality, which was one way we were able to share short clips of tricks. -> (Read More) ->

Nic Patino, Billings MT, 2015

Photo Sequences

While digging through some pogo photo archives recently, I started noticing a lot of photos sequences I (or someone else) shot but had only ever used one of the frames. Some of these I had shot with the intent of stitching together into sequences, some were just happy accidents with the camera in burst mode. I’ve always liked this method for showing the entirety of a trick in a single image – each motion is broken down, and the parabolic curve of each jump is revealed.

I couldn’t leave these shots in a dark corner or some hard drive, so I gathered a bunch of photos and edited together this collection from over the years. Enjoy ?