Background Check: Dalton Smith

Dalton Smith is often looked at as one of the most creative and innovative pogoers in the world, and his 5 consecutive Pogopalooza Gold Medals prove it. Dalton is known mainly for his incredibly technical Big Air style and huge street riding, and is constantly learning and creating new tricks to propel the sport forward.

I remember when Dalton first started pogoing, he learned tricks so fast and was extremely committed to the sport. I specifically remember thinking “this kid is going to go far in this sport” and I couldn’t have been more right. We had the pleasure of interviewing Dalton, and heres what he had to say!

Dalton Smith during the filming of “Rise.”

AllPogo: How did you begin pogoing? Tell us a little bit about life before pogoing and how you found the sport, and what it was that drew you into it.

Dalton: Before I started pogoing I was just another spastic little boy running around and getting into trouble because of my large imagination and insatiable curiosity. Fifth grade, I was part of a school club ~Destination Imagination~ which was this strange after school team of ADHD kids who had assembled to take part in challenges of the imagination. -> (Read More) ->

Nic Patino, Billings MT, 2015

Photo Sequences

While digging through some pogo photo archives recently, I started noticing a lot of photos sequences I (or someone else) shot but had only ever used one of the frames. Some of these I had shot with the intent of stitching together into sequences, some were just happy accidents with the camera in burst mode. I’ve always liked this method for showing the entirety of a trick in a single image – each motion is broken down, and the parabolic curve of each jump is revealed.

I couldn’t leave these shots in a dark corner or some hard drive, so I gathered a bunch of photos and edited together this collection from over the years. Enjoy ?