Reaper Tune-Up


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Pack up your Reaper and send it back to me with a return label and I will perform the following tune-up service:

  • UHMW pegs bushing replacement
  • Grip tape with “Reaper” logo replacement
  • Street Tip replacement 
  • Handlebar padding and grip replacement
  • Detailed visual inspection of entire stick/all welds
  • Weld repairs as needed
  • Filing/smoothing of all rough metal
  • Detailed cleaning and lubrication of stick prior to reassembly

If during my visual inspection I discover something that needs further attention/replacement and isn’t listed above, you will be made aware and given a quote for repair or the option to send it back as is.


Shipping Disclaimer:

This service is currently only available to the United States and MUST be ordered with the “Free Flat Rate” option (due to you paying for shipping and return label). Note: if ordering multiple items, please select the shipping option for the largest item at checkout.


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