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This Street Kit includes everything you need to hit the streets in confidence. See descriptions of each item included in this kit below.

Street Shock Absorber When you’re going to do a big gap or drop and know bottoming out hard is inevitable, this shock absorber comes into play. After tons of research and testing, Earl chose an incredible material called Sorbothane. This rubber is often considered one of the highest impact absorbing materials in existence, and is even used by NASA for various roles including the International Space Station. Per their website: “A Sorbothane based shock isolator and vibration isolation system works to keep impact forces generated when running on the treadmill from shaking the entire space station.” Keep in mind this shock absorber is about 1/2” thick and will reduce stroke length slightly, so its best to use only when needed, but can be kept on at all times if preferred. You can also install your stock shock absorber on top of this one to add even more shock absorption.

Street Compressor Transform the bounce and feel of your stick into a street eating machine with this street compressor. By simply adding this compressor to your stick, you will increase the spring rate and stiffen the spring to help conquer big gaps and drops or land Big Air tricks like never before. Not recommended for riders weighing below 150 lbs. NOTE: prolonged everyday use of the street compressor may lessen the life of your spring. This is more so designed to be added on the fly for a quick sesh or gap and then taken back out. NEVER add more than one street compressor and never add any washers or anything that’s not an official Reaper product as it can cause catastrophic damage to your spring and stick. Use at your own risk.

Street Tip The ultimate street pogo stick tip. These tips are made out of an extremely strong nitrile rubber called Buna-N, known for its superior strength and tear resistance.  


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