Pogo History Channel Joins AllPogo!

We are super excited to announce that Pogo History Channel has joined the AllPogo family! PHC has been a close partner since before AllPogo even existed, so we’re happy to be able to help bring it to its full potential. We’ll have more news soon, but for now here’s the new Pogo History Channel logo. Go check them out!

International Pogo Day – July 9th

We’re just THREE days away from International Pogo Day! Originally started a few years ago by our friends at Xpogo. Com, we continue to celebrate year after year on July 9th.

Celebrate with us! Tag us in your Pogo Day posts and use #InternationalPogoDay on social media so everyone can join in the fun!

AllPogo Lifetime Achievement Award

This year at PogoPalooza 2022, AllPogo presented the very first “Lifetime Achievement Award,” honoring two pogoers who we believe have made the biggest impact on the progression of the sport of pogo up until today. Fred Grzybowski and Daniel Mahoney received the award, as well as a free Signature Series pogo stick hand built by Earl Pote. Fred Received an original GG modified into an SS due to his longevity in the sport, and Dan received a Green accented SS, paying homage to an old school website and forum he made back in the mid 2000’s called “Green Pogo.”

Fred Grzybowski (left) and Daniel Mahoney (right) receive their Lifetime Achievement Awards and SS pogo sticks

Fred has been involved with the sport of pogo ever since the very beginning (we’re talkin’ late 90’s) and is responsible for creating a lot of the basics of big air pogo sticking. In fact, Fred was the very first pogoer to move from jumping full time on a spring stick to a big air stick when the Flybar 1200 was released in 2004. -> (Read More) ->

Pogopalooza 2022 – Live Stream Information

We’re counting down the days until Pogopalooza 2022 – Only about a month left! Just like the last two years, we’ll once again be live streaming the event here on our website and our YouTube channel. We’ll make a new post on the morning of the event with the updated streaming links here on our homepage, but if you want in on the action even sooner, head on over to our YouTube page and hit the subscribe and notification buttons to get alerted when we go live. Every year this event gets crazier, so you won’t want to miss it!

June 25th and 26th
Late Morning – Early Evening
See you there!

Signature Series GG / Signature Series Pogo Sticks – Now available in our shop!

Earl Pote Signature Series Pogo Sticks are now live and in stock on our website! We even have super limited stock of GG Signature Series Pogo Sticks, the stick that started it all, beefed up with all the latest modifications. Check out the video below to see the stick in action, and catch more info after the jump.

“Earl Pote 2018,” a video that showcases what is possible on the Signature Series.

The Gravity Games (GG) is an iconic pogo stick from the golden years of the sport. With “extreme pogo” being established in 1999, the GG was the first pogo stick ever built for “extreme” use in 2001 by SBI Enterprises (now known as Flybar). It ended production in 2002, which makes it a rare collectible to come by. The Signature Series GG is a beefed up original GG that has all of the same modifications of the regular Signature Series, But with all original GG parts (minus the pegs which were prone to flexing and wearing out over time). -> (Read More) ->