AllPogo Presents: The Winter Warm-Up Pogo Jam – March 4th & 5th in Bradenton, Florida.

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Picture it now, the same as last year. It is the dead of winter. Snow covers the stairs out front, the ones with the ledge that you would sometimes peg stall. You pull up Jake Gartland’s Flippin’ and Fallin’ for the thirteenth time, dreaming of those summer days when the only thing stopping you from bouncing was the need to research different tricks to try. Intergalactic cues up, Jake flips the car, but you’ve seen all of this; It just isn’t doing it anymore. You need something new, or SOMEWHERE new, rather…

We feel you.

Time to shake off that snow, thaw out your bones, hop on a plane to sunny Florida, and kick off another hell of a year for pogo sticking.

The Winter Warm-Up Pogo Jam
Bradenton, Florida
March 4th & 5th, 2023

We invite everyone, regardless of skill level, to come on down to one of the original pogo sticking hotspots. Bradenton first popped onto the scene around 2006, when Nick Ryan and Ryan O’Malley formed Team Hyper Pogo. Over the years, a few spots around town made common appearances in THP videos and many other pogo videos, but no spot was more notable than the Vendetta Handrail. We even made a full-length movie about this legendary spot. The Warm-Up Jam will obviously include stops at the Vendetta Handrail, potentially in a way never before experienced, but we’ll also be touring a few other spots around town and just having a good time in general. More activities will be revealed as we get closer to the event, but let’s just say if everything goes according to plan, this could be an amazing time all around with little to no stress factor. Mark those calendars, check out flight info or plan your drive, and let’s make this an event we won’t forget.

Event Info:

Who knows what to expect for this. I have a few ideas in mind and pogo spots around Bradenton but nothing is set in stone this early. Send me ideas. Let’s have fun with it.

  • Video Shoot – We’ll be rolling tape the whole time, so throw down for an upcoming AllPogo edit based around the event. Don’t worry, we can save the bangers for your 2025 solo video, I know how it goes.
    • Let’s get sync-y with it. Lots of symmetry in these spots.
    • Tech is alive and well. Tech pogo encouraged, as always.
    • Tone please come and grind a bunch, the people love that.
  • Vendetta Sesh – I’m sure a lot of pogoers want to see and attempt the Vendetta Handrail if they haven’t already, so that’s definitely a stop.
    • Sunday only, so save yourself for it if you wish.
  • Downtown Walkaround – Familiar old-school THP era spots and new obstacles all wrapped into a compact and fully walkable downtown district.
    • Likely will end up being on Saturday, which may coincide with the Farmer’s Market. May make it a bit more “busy” but still nothing compared to a bigger city.
  • Still not enough pogoing? I get it.
    • “Ryan’s Secret Stairset” – I’ve been dreaming of this stairset for decades now. Come steal my thunder. First one down it gets a prize!
    • “Tomato Factory” – AKA where Jake Fagliarone broke his leg in Slow-Mo Pogo 3.
    • “Southside Stairs” – A new spot, never been touched. Dalton Smith is already in line for first attempt on the big gap but I know he would love to see get in line as well.
  • Nature – Florida is known for it’s wildlife and coastlines. Luckily we have plenty of that sh!t.
    • The Beach is pretty much always an option, as Bradenton is essentially a beach town. Bring your bathing suits for sure, or don’t. Sounds fun.
    • Alligators. I know the spots if anyone wants to wrestle one. JK.
      • Seriously though if this is like a bucket list item or something though I guess let me know and we can arrange this.
  • I won’t leak too many details yet but I also hope to incorporate the Vendetta Handrail into our “closing ceremony / pizza party…”
    • (Definitely not all the way legal so lets just roll with it.)

Airport Info:
Sorted by distance from Bradenton

Sarasota / Bradenton International Airport is located on the outskirts of Bradenton, so rides to and from the airport would be guaranteed if you do fly SRQ. Tampa is a bit further away but definitely the biggest major airport in the area, and still not TOO far away. St. Pete and Punta Gorda are in the region as well, but tend to be smaller airlines.

Lodging Info:

Time flies, everyone. I’m working on lodging ideas now but we may all have to pitch in for a hotel room and cram it up… Just kidding. We’ll figure that out. Who needs sleep.

Thanks to:

Earl Pote
Pogo History Channel
Will Weiner
Michael Mena
Harry White
The Toolshed


That’s all for now, but we’ll be updating this page as we get closer. Hope to see you down here in Florida on March 4th and 5th!