Signature Series GG / Signature Series Pogo Sticks – Now available in our shop!

Earl Pote Signature Series Pogo Sticks are now live and in stock on our website! We even have super limited stock of GG Signature Series Pogo Sticks, the stick that started it all, beefed up with all the latest modifications. Check out the video below to see the stick in action, and catch more info after the jump.

“Earl Pote 2018,” a video that showcases what is possible on the Signature Series.

The Gravity Games (GG) is an iconic pogo stick from the golden years of the sport. With “extreme pogo” being established in 1999, the GG was the first pogo stick ever built for “extreme” use in 2001 by SBI Enterprises (now known as Flybar). It ended production in 2002, which makes it a rare collectible to come by. The Signature Series GG is a beefed up original GG that has all of the same modifications of the regular Signature Series, But with all original GG parts (minus the pegs which were prone to flexing and wearing out over time). All Signature Series GG frames also come with the classic “Gravity Games” sticker. Own a piece of pogo sticking history that is also tough enough for everyday use! Note: Once stock of these runs out, theres no telling when and if I will find more. Read below to see specifications (taken from the Signature Series product description):

The only Tech pogo stick on the market built for extreme use! 20 years of trial and error building the best and strongest Tech pogo stick possible has come to this very stick. Earl Pote hand builds and tests each stick to ensure you get the highest quality pogo stick possible. After testing, Earl signs each stick before boxing it up.

Here is what the 2022 Signature Series Pogo Stick has to offer:

  • Incredibly strong yet lightweight plug welded solid aluminum reinforced shaft
  • Welded frame
  • Hand made gold painted spring compressor assembly for superior strength and ease of maintenance/transportation
  • High Performance spring designed and tested by Earl Pote (Note: Ideal weight of rider is about 140-190lbs. We do not recommend rider weight to exceed 200 lbs, and a rider less than 140 lbs will find it hard to compress the spring, but it has been done and with experience will work just fine)
  • Pegs professionally covered in an unbelievably tough material, making them the strongest Tech pogo pegs ever (possibly strongest pogo stick pegs in general ever)
  • Custom firm full handle Tech handlebar grips featuring high quality tennis grip and foam padding
  • MOB skateboard grip tape with red “SS” insignia
  • Bolt-in rubber tip with screws for reinforcement to ensure it does not come out
  • Updated high grade hardware all around
  • Hand signed Earl Pote signature covered with clear tape to protect it from weather and smearing
  • Shock absorber to reduce impact on the pegs and your feet

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all sticks are size MEDIUM. This size is ideal for 5’5″ to about 6’0″. The medium SS has the same peg to handlebar length as a Medium Vurtego and is the go to size of just about every pro pogoer out there. Medium is the smallest size that is offered on the SS, but a large IS available for jumpers over 6′, simply email [email protected] to custom order a large.

Tone Staubs throws down on the GG back in 2014 – Now is your chance to own the OG, but all beefed up!

Shipping Disclaimer:

This product is currently only shipping to the United States, and MUST be ordered with the “Flat Rate Shipping (Pogo Stick)” option. Our flat rate shipping for these sticks costs $65.