Rest In Peace, Haley Greer.

I don’t even know how to begin writing this post. I’ve had a little while to personally process this tragedy, and it still chokes me up writing about it now. The pogo community has lost one of our most valuable jumpers. Haley Greer – the sport’s only real, dedicated female athlete – has taken her final bounce. Anyone who knew Haley personally knew her to be fearless, incredibly resilient, and extremely passionate. I would say a lot of us even thought of her as superhuman – considering some of the slams we saw her take, only to stand back up, eventually returning to the pogo stick. Haley had an endless love for pogoing, and her impact and history will be long celebrated. The first, and only woman to backflip on a pogo stick to date, among many other accomplishments. Haley Greer, in my opinion, was the ultimate pogoer. She lived for the sport, and we will forever miss her.

Rest In Peace, Haley T. Greer