International Pogo Day 2021 – 07/09

Nic Patino (@nicpatino) during the Street Slam in 2016.

Happy International Pogo Day! Xpogo created the holiday a few years back and we’ve been celebrating it every year since. Two years ago on this exact date, we launched the Official AllPogo Website.

Every year the sport changes and grows, ebbs and flows. But the one thing that doesn’t change is the passion we see every day. The effort that goes into practicing for hours. The fearlessness of chasing that stubborn trick. The emotion we see when that trick is finally landed. It’s what fuels us all.

I’ll be honest, running this website while working 60 hour work weeks and raising a child is not easy. I end up starting projects that I never finish, too often. But regardless, we here at AllPogo absolutely love this sport and aim to do everything we can to build it up as best as we can. We hope you’ll join along.

Now go celebrate International Pogo Day any way you see fit, and make sure to hashtag #internationalpogoday and tag us!