“Signature Series” Pogo Sticks Coming Soon!

After an incredibly long wait, Earl Pote’s Signature Series Tech Sticks are finally making a return! The old supplier of the custom springs went out of business, and finding a new supplier that can make a spring like this was not an easy task. Earl received a shipment today of prototype springs, and they passed the test. We are happy to announce that the sticks are returning for sale within a few weeks with a new supply of springs! Check out details below about the brand new 2021 Signature Series Sticks.

The handlebars are entirely wrapped with foam and tape for the most comfortable and versatile grip possible. The center where the two handlebars meet is tightly wrapped with gorilla tape then topped with hockey tape to prevent it from ever becoming loose.

Each frame is hand signed by Earl Pote after being built and a piece of clear tape is placed over the signature to protect it from smearing off.

The Signature Series comes with a special spring that was designed to outperform a standard Super Pogo spring, an original Gravity Games spring, and virtually any steel spring ever placed in a pogo stick. -> (Read More) ->

AllPogo Jumper of the Year 2020!

We at AllPogo decided a few months ago to start doing a yearly Jumper of the Year award, and give it to the one we think deserves it the most. Were kicking it off in 2020, and this year it was an easy decision. When the topic was brought up, we all unanimously decided without hesitation that the Jumper of the Year award belonged to none other than Tone Staubs.

Tone has been absolutely killing it this year. He has been releasing consistent content on social media as well as pushing the sport forward by innovating his own unique style. Tone has always been known as a well rounded jumper, being able to throw down hard at both Tech and Big Air (both flat and street). In recent years Tone has taken it a step further and has been taking the grind game to an entirely new level that the sport has never seen.

Congratulations Tone on earning the very first AllPogo Jumper of the Year award! You deserve it!

Mile High now offering custom stick wraps!

Have you always wanted your own design printed on your Vurtego tube? Listen up, this is for you. The guys over at Mile High Pogo are now offering custom printed Vurtego tube wraps! Head on over to their website to download the template, and then get to work creating your own work of art. Once finished, just upload it and they will do the rest.

For more details, check out their shop page here.

AllPogo Community Video Project – Now Accepting Clips!

Our original goal at AllPogo was to support our sport’s small but growing community in any way we could. In our next effort to bring the community together, we are planning to put together a community edit, featuring user-submitted clips. Check out more details below!

  • There is a one clip minimum, but we are asking everyone who submits a clip to ALSO submit a standalone clip of them doing an ULBS under your right leg as well, if possible. It’s not required, but would be nice! Right leg may be switch for some riders, so we understand if that’s not something you can land. Send in clips anyways! 
  • Submissions are open to anyone who is interested, and there is no limit to how many clips you can send in. The more, the better!
  • Any trick is allowed, and any style of riding as well. In fact, we would love to feature the entire spectrum pogoing offers, so we prefer a lot of different styles; Big Air, Street, Tech, Grinds or Flips, anything you want. Use any pogo stick.
-> (Read More) ->

AllPogo Presents: Fred’s Online Pogo Series

With the 4 trick showdown a proof of concept success, I want to expand upon that.

For 8 weeks, starting Aug 8th 2020, I want to host a series of online pogo shenanigans!!!

-Fred Gryzbowski


There will be two 8 person tournaments taking place over the 8 weeks. The two TOURNAMENTS will be ADD ON & P.O.G.O. They will run one right after another.

There will be weekly challenges as well with 4-8 people. The challenges will be a mix of different ideas from more (3,4,5,6) Trick Showdowns , group games of P.O.G.O, ADD ON, and more!

How will it work?

The two 8 person tournaments will be bracketed with the winner of each match moving forward to the next. Each match set will be a Best of 3 format, with the finals being Best of 5.

The schedule will roughly be the following:

Week 1 – Round of 8 – Jumper 1 vs Jumper 2 & Jumper 3 vs Jumper 4

Week 2 -Round of 8 – Jumper 5 vs Jumper 6 & Jumper 7 vs Jumper 8

Week 3 – Round of 4 – Semi Finals Match 1. -> (Read More) ->

The 4 Trick Showdown

The 4-trick showdown will be the first ever live online pogo competition. It will be held Saturday July 11th 2020 at 1pm EST and will be streamed live on twitch



With all this free time I want to connect to the community and try and give something back. I think this can be a fun new idea that could potential be expanded in the future. With previous “online competitions” people would send videos back and forth but would hardly ever reach a conclusion. That why I want to do it LIVE! It will only take a few hours to complete. This was a spur of the moment idea and I’m running with it! I decided to host this two weeks before Pogopalooza so that way it can be used as practice for those attending.  Why 4 tricks? Simple, I’m sick of seeing only 3 trick combos. I just want to try something fun, new, and different. 

How will it work? 

The competition will be a “Round Robin” format. Each athlete will be in a que and when it is their turn will attempt their best 4 trick combo. -> (Read More) ->

Pogopalooza 2020 – Dates and Info!

Xpogo just released the dates and info for Pogopalooza 2020! The event will be held on July 25th & 26th, at the Xpogo HQ in Wilkinsburg, PA. In order to keep everyone safe, this will be a distanced-palooza with a limited number of people. More details on what that means for attending and viewing coming soon. Make sure to follow Xpogo for more infomation as it is released.

#PogoAllMay – Now happening!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Every year in the month of May, Pogoers take to the streets and driveways to throwdown a new clip or photo every day, or at least as many days as possible, for the whole month of May. Head on over to Instagram, where the majority of the action takes place. Just follow the hashtag #PogoAllMay to be sure to see all the good stuff! If you are a pogoer, grab your pogo stick and get out there and film. Bails, unsuccessful trick attempts, basically anything goes for #PogoAllMay, as long as you are out there boucing. We hope to see some clips from you all!

This just in! The guys over at Xpogo recently released this bingo game to help give you some motivation. Try and get a full row!

#PogoAllMay on Instagram.

History Of A Handrail – Release Date and Trailer

After months of hype and stress behind the scenes, we are finally gearing up for the official release of our newest film, History Of A Handrail. The 18 minute film will tell the story of one of pogoing’s most well-known spots, the Vendetta Handrail in Bradenton, Florida. It will be narrated by none other than Taylor Blaylock, the first pogoer to attempt said handrail over ten years ago. Check out the trailer above if you haven’t already.

History Of A Handrail – Officially launching on 12/06/2019!