A Trip Down Memory Lane

Revisiting spots and reminiscing on one of the most iconic pogo videos of the 2000’s.

Instagram story of our motorcycle ride visiting all the spots.

Looking at it now, it doesn’t look like much. It’s poorly edited, the tricks are way outdated, as are the sticks. But, in 2006, Pogo Cult 3 was one of the most progressive videos to ever be released at that time.

The very first handrail grind, the very first around the body air trick, one of the (if not THE) biggest gaps and bomb drops at that time, and also cant forget the first of many Technical Air tricks and Tech tricks that had never been seen or even heard of before. From beginning to end, almost every clip in Pogo Cult 3 featured something new that had never been done before (and the few that weren’t brand new, were very difficult and sought after tricks at that time).

I took a motorcycle ride with my buddy, who was often the filmer of my old Chicago solo videos, to the 3 most known spots from Pogo Cult 3.

Left: Bryan Pognant’s grind from Pogo Cult 3, 2006. Right: Me with the rail, 2019.

The most surreal spot that we stopped at was by far the handrail that Bryan grinded. The last time I was here was when we filmed him grinding it in 2006. It was a bit of a ride to get here, Bryan lived about 30 minutes south of me when we were filming PC3, so after this I never had a reason to be out this way. Back then, our parents had to drive us to and from each others houses. When we were by Bryan’s place, we also rode skateboards to spots to film. Fun fact about this clip: Bryan stomped the very first handrail grind ever in the sport his very first try.

Left: Pat Groark bomb dropping a wall in PC3. Right: Me by the wall in 2019.

Visiting the spot that Pat bomb dropped was nothing special, really. This is in my home town of Hickory Hills, IL and I see it very often (but, I always still think of this part of the video). So far I have taken a couple of pogoer’s here who have visited the area, Jace Kempen and Michael Brookhart, and they both paid their respect to PC3 and bomb dropped the wall (on a Vurtego, though, which is no where near as impressive as on a Motostik… sorry guys, haha).

Left: Me jumping a gap in PC3. Right: Me in 2019 by the gap.

This spot is again, not nearly as special as Bryan’s rail. It’s about 15 minutes from my home town so it’s not far, but I don’t really go that way very often. Back when we were filming PC3, we actually took a bus from my home town to get to this area to film. We stumbled across this spot, and I told bryan I wanted to jump it (I only had a Motostik on me, and Bryan and Pat also just had spring sticks), and he said there’s no way I could do it. It took me many tries and bails to get it, but eventually I got it… barely. When I look at it this day I still wonder how I did it. It’s huge to jump on a spring stick.

Pogo Cult 3, 2006.

I had a great time riding to these spots and reminiscing on old times. I hope you enjoyed this article, and if you haven’t seen Pogo Cult 3, go watch it! It’s linked right above this paragraph.